Monday, April 27, 2009

Free Online PMP Questions

This is a conolidated list for websites those provide free PMP questions. Here I have used a cut off as minimum 50 question. Though some are quite easy but its still worth to try them as its free. You may require to register for few cases.

500++ Free PMP questions

200+ Free PMP questions

150+ Free PMP questions

100+ Free PMP questions

50+ Free PMP questions

Monday, April 20, 2009

35 PDU through Online course

There are many options to earn 35 PDU for PMP application. One of the easier way is online course. Its cheaper than traditional class room training. Here is a list of online PDU provider with price and course name. Its arranged from lower price to higher but does not indicate quality of course. Please verify the course price and content before enrolling. As always said cheapest is not always bad and priciest is not always best.

The Project Management Podcast™
PMP Training: 40 PMI contact hours
Course Bundle: 35 Hour PMP Special with Online Courses Only
PMP Exam Prep 35 Hours Course
Ultimate Online PMP® Exam Prep Course
On-demand PMP® exam prep I
Live online PMP Class
PMP® Exam Prep Online
PMP Certification Online #104

Note: This price may change. Please check latest price before enrollment to the course. If there is any discrepency please inform the webmaster through mail. If any orgnaization intend to include their online course in this list please contact the blog owner through mail.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

How to prepare for PMP exam

There is no standard way or pattern for study as everyone is different. Most of the successful PMP credential holders follow an organized preparation schedule. It’s more or less similar as below:

  • A preparation period of 2-4 months with every day 2-6 hours of study and practice.
  • Start with an easier book that is more structured and easy to read compared to PMBOK (Most of the reader finds PMBOK very dry initially). One of the easy read book could be “The PMP Exam: How to Pass On Your First Try” by Andy Crowe. But there are many other too, just read few pages in the book store or library and you will easily find.
  • Then read PMBOK (Now you will find it much easier).
  • You can try another different book (every book has its own merit and it gives a new perspective for certain topic).
  • You can revise all the books again and this time put more stress on PMBOK, as it will be much easier now.
  • Then its time to solve question paper with time limit. Initially chapter wise question solving is good but once you are quite ready its better to solve mixed question rather than those just concentrate on one topic or chapter (our mind can easily relate to things when they are from similar place or area, but real challenge starts when mix-up happens).
  • There are many free and commercial sample questions available. It’s always recommended to practice minimum 4 complete 200 question mock test.
  • Just relax before exam day and don’t try to revise all chapters.

    As every one has different study pattern some finds classroom study or listening to podcast very useful. If you are ready to spend then why don’t you try those as well, as it will definitely help.

    If you think you are not well prepared just even one week before the exam date, you can always reschedule (but do remember we don’t put effort unless there is a fixed dead line).

    All the best and wish to see you as a PMP club member very soon.